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So While I was at Band Camp…

I came into the cabin around 10:30pm and some of the girls were shouting and flailing their arms like wild turkeys. They said we had news.

"Back home it’s flooded and Robin Williams died."

In the right corner of the west side of the cabin, from the top bunk came a voice as soft as church day socks, so soft that I’m sure i felt the gentle breeze of the phrase tickle the lobes of my ears…

“Oh my god… Poor Robert Willis.”

Poor Robert Willis. Poor Robert Willis indeed.


Wednesday Story Time ||
Sorry for such a late story, thought one right before you went to bed would be dandy so here it goes.  Once upon a time The Moderates were trying to film a video.  They retrieved the finest of cameras in all the land. They found the nicest land in all the land, and gathered up the bravest of their kin to help film this wonderful feat of cinematic delight.  The idea was simple and the the people would rejoice in its outcome and celebrate on its success of going viral!  The premise was this: Josh was to walk down a busy street in slow motion.  The camera would be set up in a single location and film him doing just that.  Our kind hearted friends were to walk up the street Josh was strolling on throughout the film and hand him objects and take others away, such as a guitar and mustache.  When all was said and done, the video was to be sped up so it looked as if Josh was walking at a normal pace and the rest of the people around him were moving at light speed.  Josh spent an entire hour walking one block and received the weirdest of looks from everyone. A man even tried to tip Josh a dollar, thinking it was some sort of slo-mo performing art. We reviewed the footage and laughed uncontrollably because it did not turn out like we had expected at all.  When it was sped up, Joshes legs looked broken and it was impossible to see him until the last 30 seconds of the video. All in all we decided we could not use any of it, so we abandoned the idea.  Although it did not turn out as we had expected, we still had a joyous time and had a feast fit for a king at In-N-Out shortly after.  The moral of the story is: if your friend challenges you to eat a 4X4, make sure they pay for it.  You win both ways.  
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